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Trait Swap is a dynamic, composable NFTs infrastructure & digital goods marketplace.
We allow web3 natives to customize their digital avatars across the entire Metaverse.
We imagine NFTs as standalone components, connected and interacting with each other. Dynamic NFTs enable indefinite complexity of creation:
customizable avatars
loyalty programs
leveling up
Scaling and personalizing every product and experience out there
Metaverse can't be static, it's ever growing, evolving and compounding.
We allow that.

fancy bears metaverse

Bored ape yacht club

mutant ape yacht club


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more than 30 brands already signed up for the Trait Swap

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The change that we intend to bring to the NFT world has been brewing for some time now. Our idea to make our exciting space even more revolutionary and dynamic was born just after the initial Fancy Bears public sale, more than two months ago. We needed many clean whiteboards, passionate discussions, calls, diagrams, steps back, iterations, and sleepless nights until we were 100% sure that the concept was just what NFT communities needed. But—firstly, we wanted to start with the Bears.

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get airdrops from top brands
claim limited merchandising
mint dynamic v2 nft
sell or flip on opensea

NFT transformations

We enable the composable NFTs that are ever-changing, evolving, and can work in numerous interoperable metaverses


Public sale sold out in 8 minutes
Honey Jars drop in February (free mint)
$HONEY airdrop in March
NFT for Ukraine charity project in March
First Fancy Meetup in Dubai in March
Alpha Trait Swap released in April
Free t-shirts distribution started in April
Biggest art contest in the NFT Space (100k$ prize pool) in April
Ferrari raffle in May
Listing on Binance NFT in May
First Fancy Party in Warsaw in June
250k USD accumulated in Fancy Bears DAO
Free hoodies distribution started in July
Beta version of the Trait Swap for BAYC and MAYC in July
Team expanded to 45 people
Signed multiple strategic deals: eToro, Vlaunch, Binance, and more
Weekly Spaces and Voice Chats
Listing and marketing on in August
Honey Shots mint with Binance NFT and Mmcrypto in August
Two in-house digital brands for Trait Swap
Establishment of plan for 2023
New branding for the Fancy Bears Metaverse
New legal setup in Dubai
NFT marketplace license acquisition process in Dubai
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Listing on other major marketplaces
Securing new strategic deals with partners and brands
New Fancy Bears and Trait Swap website
3D models of Fancy Bears and 3D Showroom
Integration of Fancy Bears NFTs with the existing metaverses
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Creation of the biggest Dynamic NFTs marketplace - Trait Swap
Setting up Dynamic NFTs (by Fancy Bears) as a new standard in the NFT Space
Fancy Party in the US
New merchandising collections
Future Trait drops exclusive for Fancy Bears holders
Further team expansion
Signing new high-end brands and PFP projects
Opening Trait Swap for artists and independent digital brands
3D Trait Swap and integration with metaverses
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Bored of Your PFP look?

Imagine yourself in the metaverse, where You decide who You want to be.
How will your avatar look like?

Our own brands

Imagine yourself in the metaverse. Let’s say it involves 3D characters in an open-world environment. What does your avatar look like? Let’s imagine for a minute that the possibilities are endless.

Would you rather wear something like your IRL clothes or a completely different and out-of-the-ordinary look?

Our two digital fashion brands - Genius and Everbeen - are here to answer this question. They both offer a variety of designs to make sure you have plenty of choice!

Genius strives to connect with people who value a fashionable look both IRL and in WEB3. It brings true streetwear clothing items to the table. The brand sets new standards in the world of digital fashion.

Everbeen features designs that target people who want to create an alternate look,  a so-called alter ego. The brand is a jack of all trades, with designs that are bold, fun, and get along well with the idea of metaverse use. Plenty of items are available in TraitSwap.

for Dynamic NFTs

opensea api


It's always the same and will never change
Hard to match your real identity
If you want to change your PFP you needto buy a new one
Closed communities
Difficult to be incentivised by the brands


You can modify your PFP as many times as you want
If you want to change your PFP you can just buy a new trait
Open community, working with brands and other projects
Brands can airdrop you anything if you own their traits
Value of your PFP is additionally based on the value of traits
access to many communities at the same time

Enter our Metaverse store

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Jakub Chmielniak
Bartek Sibiga
Nestor Cordoba
Morris Mustang
Weronika Hempel
Kamil Wegrzyniak
Magdalena Zuchowska
Kamil Krasowski
Kamil Wegrzyniak
Kamil Wegrzyniak
Kamil Wegrzyniak
Kamil Wegrzyniak
Kamil Wegrzyniak


What is the Trait Swap?
Trait Swap is both a dynamic NFTs infrastructure and a decentralized marketplace where you can mint, swap, collect, and personalize your favourite PFP avatars using branded traits from the high-end brands.
Is this another derivative project?
No, we got nothing to do with derivatives, Trait Swap is a dynamic NFTs concept which means that you can modify your original PFP (or V2 version of it) how many times you want.
Can anyone work with you?
If you're a digital brand or a PFP collection, please get in touch with us at:
How does it work?
If you own an NFT of a collection that works with us just log into the right app and you can start minting traits and customizing your PFP. If not, you can still buy the traits directly from the branded stores.
How does TraitSwap add value to your NFT?
Adding value to your PFP is super easy with @TraitSwap.
Even if you have the most common NFT you can always upgrade it and add super rare traits to increase the overall value.
How many times can I change traits?
You can change your look how many times you want.
If you're bored with your old traits just sell them and buy or mint new ones.
Which blockchain is this?
For now, we work only on Ethereum Mainnet, but Polygon, Solana, Binance Chain, and other chains will be introduced in future as well.
What are traits?
Traits are their own individual NFT based on the ERC1155 standard, so you can swap them among different bears or even different NFTs like Bored Apes.
How do dynamic NFTs really work?
If you ever wondered how Dynamic NFTs work here's an explanation.
It's a combination of ERC721 NFT used as a base and ERC1155 NFT used as a variation placed on the original pfp.
This way we can influence the look and the metadata.
Can I access many communities at the same time?
Dynamic NFTs remove the boundaries of the limited community.
You don't need to own every PFP project to enter new communities.
@TraitSwap can do collabs with many NFT projects at the same time, opening the doors to closed groups and chats.
What traits can I buy?
Traits include hats, backgrounds, mouths, noses, jackets and who knows what else is in store
How to buy your first trait?
You need to take 4 steps, which are:
1. approve the app, 2. buy the trait, 3. approve to stake, 4. actually stake.
Note that every step requires paying a gas fee so make sure that You have enough ETH in Your wallet.